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There is always something fun happening at NLC. Check our the great events we have planned for the next month. 


Current Sermon Series 

This Bible book sermon series is a ten-week overview of the major stories and themes in the first book of the Pentateuch, Genesis. This is the story of God creating and bringing order and function into the earth, the rebellion of humanity against divine authority, and God’s unfolding plan to restore creation and humankind to his original purposes through grace and faith.

Growth Track

The Growth Track is a 4 step process that gives you the opportunity to find out how to connect here at New Life Church, how to grow spiritually, how to plug in to an area of service that fits with your gifts and personality, and how you fit in to the Global mission of the Church. We desire to help you connect with God and others, to grow in your relationships, and to help you serve like Christ here at NLC and in our Community

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Connect Groups

Godly relationships are vital for our growth in Christ. No matter who you are or what stage of life you’re in, we have a connect group for you. Groups start first week of October. Sign up today. 

Encounter Retreat

At the Encounter Retreat, we pray you will experience the love and mercy of Jesus in a personal and powerful way. Over these three days, we pray you will sense God’s presence through teachings, personal ministry, and the Power of the Holy Spirit! The retreat begins Friday, October 27th at 4PM and ends Sunday, October 29th at the 11:30AM service. 

Our goal is that EVERY MEMBER of New Life Church attends one Encounter retreat! 

Click here to sign up and pay ($160).

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