Pre-Marital Counseling


NLC takes very seriously the gravity of marital statistics today, seeking to prepare couples for the important vow they are about to make before each other and before God. With that in mind, we encourage a few basic pre-marital guidelines, including pre-marital counseling.

What pre-marital counseling process do we recommend?
    •    A minimum of 4 to 6 sessions over at least a 3-month period.
    •    Led by an elder of the church.
    •    NLC endorses a number of select pre-marital counseling.
    •    Resources, including: Before You Say “I Do” by N. Wright and Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts by L. & L. Parrott.

We also recommend a number of other budgeting and marriage resources.
For more information on weddings and help with marriages at NLC, please contact our office @ 216-221-6174.

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