What is Connect?
Connect is our membership process made up of four classes, Grow, Commit, Connect and Serve. We offer Connect the last Saturday of each month, from 9am – 1pm. We will provide lunch and snacks.

How Do I Get Connected? 
We’re forever telling you to get connected, right? As much as we believe life change happens in community it takes a decision on your part to step out, to show up, to engage with others – to sign up for a Connect Group, and go through our Connect classes so you can connect with others at NLC.

What’s a Connect Group? 
A community of three or more that meets together regularly to support, encourage and grow in their relationship with God and with each other. Usually it’s for an hour or two and some kind of discussion is planned around the Bible. All kinds of connect groups meet throughout the week all over the city.

Why do you make such a big deal about getting into a Connect group?
Because we believe that’s where your life is going to change the most. That’s where you are going to grow. When you can get together regularly with the same group of people where you are known, loved, celebrated, and served, that’s when you are really experiencing church the way God intended it. You will miss out on the most exciting part of NLC if you never get involved in a Connect group.

Why do church so unconventionally? What’s wrong with traditional church?
Absolutely nothing is wrong with traditional churches. People need to connect with God in places that meet their needs and speak their language, as well as places that will give them a strong foundation in faith. Unfortunately, ours is a generation that has abandoned traditional church. Every culture and generation must take the timeless truths of the Bible and seek to communicate them in a way that makes sense and is relevant to their lives. That’s what we hope you experience here.

In an attempt to be relevant, do you ever water-down the Bible?
No, God’s Word is our final authority. We never ignore truth because we want people to like us, but we do try to package truth within the language of our culture so that people can hear it in a way that makes sense and feels relevant to their life. We use music, film and video that you might have seen or heard on your own iPod or watched on YouTube because we’re addressing the questions and thoughts already taking place in the cultural conversation. In our services we hope you experience the message as much through the music and creative programming as through the speaker.

What do I wear?
Come as you are. We care about you — not what you wear.

How much does it cost to go there?
Nothing. We do have an offering every week, but it’s not for people who are checking out faith or the church. NLC is supported financially by the people who have chosen to make it their church home. You won’t find us trying to squeeze cash out of you every time you walk through the door. Giving should never flow out of compulsion or guilt, but rather out of desire to love God and be a part of what He’s doing in and through the church.

Is NLC part of a denomination?
No. Our congregation is an autonomous local church that is self-governing and self-supporting. We are in fellowship with MFI for accountability and relationship. 
How would you describe the theological persuasion of NLC? 
Our church is fundamentally an evangelical charismatic Christian fellowship.  We believe in the basic tenets of the Christian faith and that the church of the 21st century will need the fullness of the Holy Spirit’s power to impact our culture.  (Acts 2) 

I’m not sure about God. Am I still welcome?
Absolutely! All your questions may not be answered but we happen to believe that with God the undeniable always trumps the unexplainable. Questions may yet exist but experiencing God leads to trust. Sometimes all the questions don’t get answered.

How does NLC feel about other churches?
We have the greatest admiration and respect for Christian churches of every background.  We also fellowship regularly with Pastors and church leaders from a wide variety of Christian denominations.  We believe in unity between true believers and that we should all be actively involved in prayer for and the expression of love toward other churches in our city to that end.  (John 17:20-21; Ephesians 4:1-6) 

Money? How’s this place funded? How’s money handled?
At NLC you’ll find a bunch of people who have experienced God in a real way. It’s the generosity of these regular people that fuels the life change that takes place here and helps others connect with God. These people give a tithe (ten percent of their earnings) and offerings to what God is doing in our midst. There is strict accountability in the handling of all monies, from the counting process through the accounting process. Financial decisions are made by the eldership. A financial report is reviewed regularly by the eldership and an annual report is made available to the congregation.

To whom is the Lead Pastor accountable?
The Lead Pastor is the executive overseer of the general vision and direction of the church. He works within the Leadership Structure in giving direction to the overall vision and future of the church and is accountable to the eldership. The Senior Pastor is also part of Ministers Fellowship International (MFI), an independent fellowship of pastors.

Is NLC involved in World Missions?
Yes.  We are currently partnering with several evangelists and churches in several nations.  The church supports missionaries, sends out short-term teams, and sends financial aid with the vision to raise up more missionaries and church planters.  (Matthew 28:19)

How is the government of the church structured?  Who runs the church?
NLC is built on a New Testament pattern of eldership rule.  A board of Elders makes up the legal board of the church.  These are men and women who have been ordained to the ministry and qualify as biblical elders according to Titus 1 and 1Timothy 3. 

What does the church believe about women being involved in ministry?
We believe the New Testament teaches that women are an equal and viable part of the ministries of the local church.  Under the anointing of the New Covenant and based on the revelation of the New Testament scriptures, women are free to pursue any ministry to which they are gifted and called (Galatians 3:28; Acts 8:12; Romans 16). 

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